Do you spend your Friday evenings sifting through your expenses and weekends completing other routine admin tasks because you are too busy running your own business during the week?

Is the time you spend completing admin tasks eating into time that could be better spent with family, friends and on leisurely pursuits?

If you answered yes to any (or all of the above) then, maybe it’s time to think about hiring a VA.

A VA is literally worth their weight in gold. A VA will save you time and money; freeing you up to focus on what matters the most – growing your business.

So, what does a VA do?

A Virtual Assistant can take over all those time-consuming tasks such as diary management, inbox management, travel arrangements and expense collation so that you can “get down to business”. They can take away the pressure by becoming your eyes and ears (a safe pair of hands so to speak) and at the same time bring the professional and executive into your business.

Is there anything that an office-based PA can do that a VA can’t, well the short answer to that question is “NO”. A Virtual Assistant ‘virtually’ offers the same support that a traditional Executive Assistant would offer without the costly overheads.

Paying for full-time staff can be a very costly affair. A VA will work from their own home/office using their own computer and office supplies. Additionally, they will pay for their own overheads, including taxes, pension, National Insurance and any other costs associated with employing a full-time member of staff.

Admin To do list challenge

I am throwing down the gauntlet – over the course of one week, list and time the admin tasks that you currently do. Now, total all the hours and minutes together and ask yourself how could that 5, 10 or 15 hours be better spent? I’m guessing that the most popular answer to that question will be spending that precious time on building and developing your business AND spending more time with family and friends.

If your rationale for spending precious time doing your own admin tasks is because you can’t afford to hire a VA, then think again, that’s just bunk or false economy! Virtual Assistants offer bespoke plans to suit every budget and every business/lifestyle need imaginable; whether you’re looking for occasional support by the hour; you will only pay for the support as and when you need it, or on a project by project basis or a monthly retainer where you retain the VA for a set number of hours.

In essence, when you do finally take that quantum leap and hire a VA, you will find yourself wondering how you ever survived without one! So, here’s to a brighter future with faster business growth, smoother working days and longer weekends with your family.

As Benjamin Franklin once said – ‘If we take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.’

If you’re ready to talk about how I can make life easier for you, please call me on Tel: 07923 084 651.

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